This is the RCJackson blog  - Final Version.

Final Version?

Yes, this is the final version. Over the years I have used self hosted Wordpress, Blogger, Posteroous, Tumblr, Joomla, Ghost, Post Haven, TypePad - you name it, I have tried it.  Not sure why I alway am trying something new.  In the early days, there was always something new to see. Not so much anymore. I have pretty much seen almost everything and tried it too.

Consistency is the Key

The secret lies with consistency. That is, pick a program and stick with it. So this is the first of my last entries.  I want the content I add to be evergreen and everlasting. I put some great entries up about some military friends I lost at sea in an aircraft crash. My most popular post and drew some comments from this that knew them.  But those entries and that blog went the way fo the DoDo.