Here's what I'm up to right now:


Writing Daily

I am writing more. I made a commitment to post to this blog and am tracking my words. I have also started keeping a journal and have daily entries for almost 2 months now. I plan to keep doing both until i get tired of it.


Working through my reading list, switching between fiction and non-fiction. My last Fiction read was Trip Wire by Lee Child (I am a Jack Reacher fan). Last non-fiction book was the Volatility Shield by David McKnight. I will try to post reviews for both soon.

Website Development

I continue to learn as much as I can about website development. I am not a computer programer or website designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have created several websites with multiple CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, Gravity, DokuWiki, and several more.


I am planning several trips this upcoming year, including China and the United Kingdom. Love you life while you still can I say.


I continue to practice law full-time in the Florida Panhandle.